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I'm trying to get serial number from a X.509 Cert. When i compare the Serial number generated by my code with the actual serial number(on windows), leading zeroes of the actual serial number(of the X509 cert) are missing.

Any suggestions or alternative ways to get the serial number of the x.509 cert in hex with the leading zeroes??

Below is the code segment which I'm currently using:


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BigInteger has a toByteArray() method that re-adds the leading 00s: Simple home budget worksheet.

Now you have several ways to convert the byte array to a hex string:

For example with Apache commons codec:

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Find Missing Keys

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Possible Duplicate:
How can I reinstall Windows 7 if I lost my installation DVD?

Edit: The answer was to find the Serial number first using a serial number finder utility. The possible duplicate was missing the additional condition that the serial number was missing.

Serial Key Missing A Number

I have Activated Windows 7 on my PC, But lost the CD and Serial number.I need to reinstall Windows 7, I (hope) can borrow a Windows 7 DVD somehow, but how do I get my original serial number, I have the product key as shown in System Properties.

Thanks for any ideas

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Product Key Finder from Dave Hope is quite good at finding what you're looking for.

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Download and install this

The program will list all your serial number in your computer including windows serial.

Graw 2 serial key pc. You can leave your team by the big tree as you snipe all the red diamonds from far away. More will appear as you start firing, but just take your time and you will win.

Another way to do is, if you bought the windows yourself and still have proof of purchase then you can call up microsoft and ask for serial.


Download and run produkey

Once you have the key you should be able to borrow a DVD however if it doesn't work try to get a DVD from the same manufacturer. If you bought it from off a self you will need a DVD also bought off the shelf.

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