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Infinite-Serials The Database of Free Serial Numbers. Use the search box to issue a search in the database. For best results, make sure to not include version numbers and also make sure to not make any typo mistakes. How to get Marine Aquarium 3 Screensaver Serial License Code For Free? Click on it and it will redirect you to a page from where you can collect the Serial key Code of Marine Aquarium 3.0. The license will also been sent to your given email. Works like a dream. Many many thanks! Juozas December 13, 2010. Serial for Dream Aquarium? Does anyone have a working serial number for Dream Aquarium? Where I can get free and legal serial key for Dream Aquarium Screensaver? Does anyone have a serial no or crack for dream aquarium v1.0940? Screen saver? Answer Questions.

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Dream Aquarium

Dream Aquarium is the most realistic aquarium screensaver for Windows. In my years, I have always loved to have a screensaver that resembles an aquarium with fish swimming and playing around. Having such a saver is so relaxing. When I stumbled upon Dream Aquarium I was perplexed, but in a good way.

  • Publisher: Spiralmonkey software
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  • Last updated: February 7th, 2012

Dream Aquarium 3D Screensaver

Aquarium Screensaver Free

The most realistic fish motion and behavior of any virtual aquarium.Dream Aquarium is a next-generation virtual aquarium & screensaver that brings the beauty of lush freshwater aquariums to your computer with unsurpassed realism. Widescreen formatting, multi-monitor support & much more!

  • Publisher: Dream Aquarium
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Fish Aquarium 3D Screensaver

Fish Aquarium 3D Screensaver will bring an aquarium to your desktop.Get ready to really relax and unwind from your troubles and problems with this beautiful screensaver. You will be able to see a big 3D aquarium with lots of different colorful fish swimming around gently, while you see the bubbles rising to the top.

  • Publisher: Astro Gemini Software
  • Home
  • Last updated: October 30th, 2017


Playing Fishdom, you will be able to create your own fishpond. You will have to match different groups of three or more in each level. The game is very easy to use, and it has got some nice visual graphics and audio effects. You will be able to use the game options to shut up volume, reduce it, use the full screen mode and more. You will see many sea animals ordered in a specific way.

  • Publisher: Playrix Entertainment
  • Last updated: November 9th, 2010

The Big Corals

The Big Corals is one of several available free-of-charge screensavers, developed by EleFun Desktops.As its name correctly indicates, this screensaver is about a big coral where beautiful and colorful fishes swim around decorating your desktop. The screensaver includes a clock in case you want to know the time without leaving the beautiful animation.

  • Publisher: Elefun Multimedia
  • Last updated: March 20th, 2008

Tropical Bungalow 3D Screensaver

Tropical Bungalow 3D Screensaver will take you out on vacations.This beautiful screensaver will allow you to make your dream come true.How would you like some vacations in a small and beautiful tropical island?With this screensaver, you will be transported to a secluded island, maybe in the Caribbean or another similar place.

Avg business by avast. Avast 2019 Serial Key is the actual security program usually used by millions and billions of users worldwide. Security of computer system matters a lot. Because the computer is the only device that holds all the personal and professional data.

  • Publisher: Digital Minds Software
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  • Last updated: January 4th, 2009


Aquarix is a complete program to control every aspect of your aquarium. By using it, you will be able to collect data about the breeding, water changes, light and Discus changing, etc. This program will allow you to write down details about your aquarium, such as the filters and pumps installed (quantity, power, dates), and data about the lights and heat devices you have put in your aquarium.

  • Publisher: Aquarix Software
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  • Last updated: December 16th, 2011

Heritage Key VX Viewer

Heritage Key Invites You to Discover and Share. You can start your online expeditions now. Get your keyboard and mouse ready for action! Read articles and blogs. Search the directory of ancient world sites and museums. View photos. Watch videos. Make an avatar and explore the virtual exhibitions.

  • Publisher: Heritage Key
  • Last updated: December 7th, 2009

Dolphins Aquarium

The Dolphins Aquarium animated desktop wallpaper will turns your monitor from old fashion still image background into a deep blue mesmerizing and breathtaking ocean full of Dolphins and it Calves' frolic in crystal clear blue water.

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: September 5th, 2016

Mandarin Fish Aquarium

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Mandarin Fish Aquarium is an animated marine aquarium wallpaper with many colorful mandarin fish, Moorish Idol, Clown, Tang, Sea Horses, Moray eel and many butterfly fish.

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: September 13th, 2016

Arowana Deluxe Aquarium

Arowana Deluxe Aquarium animated wallpapers and screen savers features different species of Arowana fish and also known as (Dragon fish).

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: September 5th, 2016

Undersea World Aquarium

Undersea World Aquarium features crystal clear blue ocean with live soft, and hard colorful coral, with real colorful tropical pragmatically animated fish including Yellow Tang, Black Tang, Yellow-Stripe Tang, gem Tang, and Rock fish.

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: September 5th, 2016

Guppies Deluxe Aquarium

The Guppies Deluxe Aquarium app provides an animated wallpaper for your desktop with assorted Guppies in a well-planted aquarium with crystal clear water. The various forms of the Guppy, Fancy Guppy, or Millions fish are the best known and most popular aquarium fish. This species offers a large selection of colors and shapes with no two fish look exactly alike.

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: August 22nd, 2016

Sea Dragons Aquarium

Sea Dragons Aquarium is an animated wallpaper and screensaver featuring Weedy and Leafy Sea Dragons and Seahorses in a crystal clear under Tropical Ocean with undersea volcano. Sea Dragons are fish of mesmerizing and astonishing beauty; their ornamentation helps camouflage them among sea grasses and kelp in the shallow coastal waters of Australia.

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: July 31st, 2017

Nemo The Clown Aquarium

Nemo The Clown Aquarium animated wallpaper and screen savers, also known as the 'Clowns' of the sea features a variety of clown fishes including Black Percula,

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Sfotware
  • Last updated: September 13th, 2016

Clown Loach Aquarium

The Clown Loach Aquarium animated wallpapers and screen savers features a couple different species of Clown Loach like the Yoyo Loach, Zebra Loach, leopard Loach together with Red Tail Shark and Rain Bow Shark.

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: September 13th, 2016

Trigger Fish Aquarium

Dream Aquarium Download Fish

Trigger Fish Reef Aquarium features Clown Trigger fish, Indian Trigger fish, Niger Trigger fish, Picasso Trigger fish, Pink tail Trigger fish, Queen Trigger fish, Stone Trigger fish, Hawaii Trigger fish, Titan Trigger fish and other species.

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: September 5th, 2016

Finding Nemo Aquarium

The Finding Nemo Aquarium animated wallpapers and Screen Savers, also known as the 'Clowns' of the sea features a variety of clown fishes including Black Percula, Orange Percula, Maroon Percula, the rarest green Clown and pink Clown.

Aquarium Screensaver Free

  • Publisher: MAC N PC Software
  • Last updated: September 13th, 2016

Free Living Aquarium Screensaver