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Why didn't the Canadians use the Garand if John Garand was Canadian?

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John Garand was working at the Springfield Armory when he designed the automatic rifle that bears his name. Springfield Armory bid on an Army contract and produced them for the US Army. For Canada to purchase the rifle, it would have to have contracted with a foreign company which may not have been allowed by their policy. Some Canadians probably did use the Garand. The 1st Special Service Force (aka the Devil's Brigade) was an…

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What is the difference between AC and DC average rms and peak values?

RMS value :- it is defined as the square root of the mean of the squares of various values at various time intervals. VRMS = [(V12+V22+V32+V42+V52.....+VN2)/N]1/2 for Dc source as V1=V2=V3=V4=V5.....=VN =V VRMS=V for AC it would be different like if you consider sinusoidal signal then VRMS = (2/pi)1/2 V where V is the max. amplitude of sine wave. Peak value :- amplitude AC signal it varies from -V to +V where as in DC…

What is the serial number for security monitor pro?

Buy the program and then you can get the serial number.

Final cut pro 7 serial number?

The serial number to activate Final Cut Pro can be found on the packaging and documentation from your original purchase.

Does anyone have a serial code for deamon tools pro?

What is a serial number for acid pro 7?

The identification number that activates the software.

Where is the serial number on a MacBook Pro screen?

If you have a newer macbook pro, the serial should be on a sticker on the bottom of it. This is for airdrop, so you have your own independent number. Airdrop is something that allows people to transfer other applications to you, and can be found in the finder.

What is a serial Adobe premier pro cs4?

Type 'Find a serial number - Adobe' into your search engine hit enter on your keyboard. Click on the 'Find a serial number - Adobe' link in the search results, it will take you to an Adobe website that will help you get your serial number.

Acid pro 7 serial number?

What is the serial number for acid pro 5?

What is the serial number for pro flight simulator 2012?

Sony acid pro 7.0 serial number?

Acid pro 7 1k0 serial number?

What is the serial number for pcdj?

there are many pcdj's what pcdj is this (you can get them for all except kj pro)

What year was kimber pro cdp serial number kr17226 manufactured?

Where can i go to get a serial number for acid pro 4.0?

The latest version of ACID Pro is version 7. If you want a serial number for an old version, you would probably want to check on a site like eBay. It's unlikely that any normal retailer will still be carrying version 4.

Daemon tools pro 4.40 serial number?

It's in the email the publisher sent you when you bought the software

Adobe Premiere Pro v2.0 activation key?

Copy and paste 'Find a serial number - Adobe' into your search engine and hit enter on your keyboard. Click on the 'Find a serial number - Adobe' link in the search results, it will take you to an Adobe support page that will help you get your serial number.

What is a acid pro 6.0 serial key?

It is the serial number included in the DVD envelope in the software. Answers.com.does not condone piracy, so this is not the forum to request illegal keys.

Doc regenerator 2.11 Serial number?

i dont flipping no either, its a pisstake really coz i lost a book that i woz writing and its all gone

What is the serial number and authorization code for zaxwerks pro animation 4.5.1?

serial or authorization code is needed to unlock your zaxwerks plugin in after effects you can get it from email accepted from zaxwerks products

What does the PC Doc Pro do for your computer?

The PC Doc Pro software is used in order to clean a PC from viruses and various malware it may contain. It is used in order to find these types of malfunctions and it fixes it.

What is the manaufacturre date ofsmith and Wesson model m and p40 pro series 5 sku178032?

What year was kimber pro cdp serial number KR52673 manufactured?

No published data in the public domain. You need to call Kimber.

What is the serial number for Sony acid pro 4.0?

It's on a piece of paper inside your software box. If you have lost that paper, you can log into your Sony account and retrieve the serial numbers for all activated programs there.

How do you transfer final cut pro from Mac to Mac?

To install your copy of Final Cut Pro on a new Mac you simply need to insert the FCP disc and run the installer, typing in your serial number as prompted.

What is the value of Jugs Range Pro Equipment Coin number 675-892-7264?

I don't know the value. I assume it's a token for a pitching booth. But, the number is a telephone number, not a serial number.

Where do you find the model number on the Sanyo Pro xtrax projector?

It is located on a sticker on the back or bottom of the projector that has the voltage rating and the serial number. If yours does not have a sticker, and you have purchased the projector used, it may have been removed to disguise a stolen item since the serial number would have been removed too.

Pc Doc Pro V5 Serial Key Code

What is the Divx pro serial number?

In the email you got sent when you bought it? and if you're not up for the honesty of actually purchasing this? try torrents. or dodgy Russian serial websites - but oh do enjoy the viruses you'll receive with the downloads(Y)

Nowadays professionals and nonprofessionals are looking eagerly for outcomes so without being an expert developer you can build a professional looking website by using Adobe Dreamweaver cs6 crack and serial number included. Cs6 dreamweaver serial key list.

How can you find a serial number of a missing gun?

depends on who's it was and where you purchased it, if you bought it, theyd have record of it. at stores such as a Gander Mountain, Bass Pro, Cabelas etc.

What year was my Kimber pro carry 2- 45 caliber pistol made with a serial number KR116350?

No public domain data. You will have to call Kimber.

What is Edward Cullens job?

He does not have a job - none of them do but carlisle who is a very very pro doc (Y)

How do you look up serial number Pietta Italy 44 black powder revolver?

not likely anyone keeps data on re-pro black powder pistols........

Is there a manual for kitchen pro breadmaker k6725 online?

Mocha Pro V5 Serial Number


What is the serial number of IDM

What is the manufacture date of a Smith and Wesson model m and p40 pro series 5 sku178032 2010 new model?

You will need to call S&W with the serial number.

What does PRO stand for in truckers pro number?

Is Louis Vuitton serial number M 51170 a real serial number?

Gta 4 pc serial key generator generator. yes, Louis Vuitton serial number: M 51170 is a real serial number.

What is the age of a model 58 smith and Wesson serial number 00301?

e The serial number you listed is not a Model 58 serial number. the serial number starts with an 'S'

Can you get an esn number with a serial number?

How do you reQUISTER a gun with out a serial number?

First, I think you mean register. In MOST of the US, there is no requirement to register ordinary firearms. Now, about the serial number- it is unlawful to REMOVE a serial number, or to possess a gun that has had the SN removed. However, there are guns that do not HAVE a serial number, and they are legal. Rifles and shotguns made prior to 1968 were not required to have serial number. Those guns are…

Did Fender build serial number E 909095?

The answer is that serial number E909095 is a genuine Fender serial number dating from 1989.

How do you find serial number of thunder?

Where is the serial number on a xbox 360?

Do handguns have a serial number?

What was the serial number of the Titanic?

What is a Serial?

What year smith and Wesson serial number k 66913 made?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your serial number dates to the year 1948.

How do you get a persons army serial number?

now days a military serial number is the assigned social security number. find the persons social security number and you have the army serial number......

How do you find your serial number for premier pro 2.0?

I would call the company. If you have your purchase receipt they should be able to tell you. It is usually on the inside cover of the manual. Sometimes, it's on the inside edge of the CD.

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Pc Doc Pro 5 Serial Key

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