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Setting Nintendo 3DS Parental Controls. New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS. Contains an electronic record of the serial number of your Nintendo 3DS family. The master key is different for every DSi system. Call Nintendo and get to the DSi helper. Then you tell them your inquiry number and they will tell you the master key. You must provide proof of ID, your inquiry number on the DSi and your DSi serial number. Click 'I forgot' twice. Copy the inquiry code onto the bar required on the site. Save on Replacement Buttons for Console. Original L, ZL, R, ZR shoulder button flex cable for Nintendo New 3DS XL and New 3DS (2015). Includes left and right side. Top Rated Plus. Free shipping. Repair Kits ZL ZR HOME Cross Key A B X Y Buttons for Nintendo New 3DS XL Console. Mkey is a master key generator for the Parental Controls functionality on various consoles from a certain vendor. Currently, this includes the Wii, DSi, 3DS, Wii U and Switch. Currently, this includes the Wii, DSi, 3DS, Wii U and Switch.

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I'm sure this has come up before, but I wanted to bring it up AGAIN for those who own a 3ds or N3DS

I brought my n3ds in my backpack to a park this weekend and at some point during the day it fell out. Cyberlink powerdvd ultra 17 torrent. Since I had a few beers throughout the day, I simply wasn't paying close attention so it's really impossible for me to know when or where exactly it might've popped out of my bag.

Since I haven't been able to find it, I began looking into how to transfer my purchases to a new system when I finally get around to buying one (could be a while). Apparently, the entire Nintendo e-pay system requires that you have your old serial number to work.

If you don't have that, you are SOL. Don't be like me and think 'I'll do it later' and then never do it. Not only am I down an expensive system, but likely down the games I bought with it.

It's easy to get mad at the shitty system Nintendo has in place. I should be able to deactivate my account on any device, and my device serial should arguably AUTOMATICALLY become associated with my single username password, not unlike Steam..

but that's all pointless to argue at this point, because I'm down about 150 dollars worth of games, plus the system (300).

Not a great day for me today, but hopefully you can all learn from my horrible mistake.


Update: Something I discovered from this whole ordeal was that, essentially, the representative you get and what you tell them means a LOT. I still maintain that the easiest solution for everyone is to write your serial number down ASAP and keep it somewhere safe. If you don't have that you can still get your stuff back, but it's more hoops to jump through. First off, do not tell them that your item was stolen unless you feel like filing a police report. Something about the magic word 'stolen' sends you down a whole different script in their phone service and it's a lot more of a pain. Just tell them your 3DS was lost, and you should be good to go. Second off, know what games you have purchased! I know this sounds obvious, but knowing what games you have and when you got them is part of their questioning to confirm it's you and I had to think a bit about it before getting it right. Third, DON'T BRING YOUR 3DS OUT DRINKING WITH YOU! I'm pretty sure my system got stolen while I was in a crowded bar and it was in my back pack on the ground next to my stool (which ironically seemed safer than on my back)

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I have the Zelda-colored 3DS, which comes with a Link between Worlds download code. And I downloaded it.

Windows 7 serial key. Now I will factory-reset the device.

Nintendo 3ds Xl Red

After I do so, will I be able to use the code again to redownload Zelda?

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1 Answer

The 3DS comes setup with an e-shop account from the factory which is tied to the serial#. Even if you factory reset the 3DS, the same e-shop account is still tied to the device. Therefore you will be able to download the game after a factory reset.

Just note that there is an option in the e-shop settings that I just noticed which allows you to deactivate the e-shop account itself. Google tells me that this will lose all of your purchases if you do this. A standard factory reset is still safe.

This same bit of info is why I was able to get Nintendo to transfer my games to a new 3DS XL via just the serial# from the old 3DS system, though you still have to contact support for them to do that.

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Nintendo 3ds Xl Serial #

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