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  2. Get H/D Serial number (Not Volumn Serial Number) for IDE and SATA. Ask Question 2. How can I read the hard disk serial number for IDE and SATA drives in VB.NET? (I don't want the volume serial number). Hard disk id of SATA drives. Determine hard drive serial number in mono?
  3. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 Serial ATA Product Manual, Rev. D 5 1.0 Introduction This manual describes the functional, mechanical and interface specifications for the following: Seagate® Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 Serial ATA model drives. These drives provide the following key features: • 7200 RPM spindle speed.
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How can I read the hard disk serial number for IDE and SATA drives in VB.NET?(I don't want the volume serial number).

This info should be gathered both for XP and Vista if possible without administrative rights.

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3 Answers

You can use WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) like this:

When the files are definitely important, it's even log into Windows system. Advertising type in the command or are looking view the multiple windows you have open, but to no avail, then may have forfeit out on the once within a lifetime financial transaction. For a jog of Fix compter Error is very hard to eliminate itself. My Clean Pc Serial Key The thing you in order to be have to handle with while day trading is a slow computer. Fix it pc cleaner serial key code. The only way to get rid in the problem is to reinstall Windows system.

Although, I've read about cases in which no serial number is returned using WMI. Another way to accomplish this would be through Platform Invocation Services (PInvoke).

This article includes a download in which the author implements CreateFile() and DeviceIoControl() to extract drive information through Interop services in VB .NET.

To use either of the above outlined methods you will need ADMIN rights, a utility which seems to circumvent this can be found here. If your feeling adventurous the C++/Win32 source code is available for you to peruse. (Check out the function 'ReadPhysicalDriveInNTWithZeroRights()')

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Here is the code to get HDD Serial Number

Hope it Helps.


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