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Jun 30, 2012  Home Windows 10 Windows 10 Mobile Previous versions MDOP Surface Surface Hub Library Forums. Ask a question Quick access. How/where can I find my product key? Dell support has been 0 help, they just want my money. Thanks, Chris. Windows 10 refused to pick up the license automatically from my Dell All-in-One (which shipped with Windows 8) but the Windows OEM Product Key tool from NeoSmart worked perfectly ran first time, and produced a key that Windows 10 was happy with. Download Dell Support Center software for Windows 10. Dell Support Center is a software that will help keep your Dell PC up to date & running efficiently. It scans your Windows system and checks if any updates are available for drivers and software. Windows 10 License Key Just bought a bunch of Inspiron 17 5000 laptops with Win 10 pro preinstalled. I am in the process of upgrading the HD to SSD's with a clean install.

Windows 10 KMS Client Setup Keys. Working Hard In IT My view on IT from the trenches. Windows 10 looks set for a great start. DELL has been accepting preorders for a month now. I do however have a Windows 10 KMS key (not the client one), but that apparently can’t be installed on 2012 R2.

I have a Dell XPS desktop and my hard drive crashed recently.

I went out a purchased a new hard drive and installed it, But I have a problem..

I bought the computer from my brother a few months ago, and being the idiot he is, he removed all the stickers on the computer ( including the CD key )

I have acquired a Dell Windows 7 Ultimate recovery disk, and I was wondering if this will install the OS on my computer without requiring me to input a CD Key ( will it recognize that my PC is in fact a Dell PC and not require CD key input?). Also keep in mind that I am not positive that the original OS was Ultimate, it may have been pro or home.

If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.

Dell Support Windows 10 Serial Key

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5 Answers

Call Dell support and ask them for a recovery CD. It might cost you 10-20$ but it's worth it. They should be able to identify the version on your OS and possibly even the Windows key with the computer serial number.

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I am not a lawyer, but it has always been my understanding that if your computer does not have an COA (Certificate of Authenticity) sticker on it, then you do not legally own an OEM copy of the OS. At this point your only LEGAL recourse is to purchase a boxed copy of Windows.


There should have been a sticker on the computer somewhere (virtually all Dell home PC's come with the OS installed). That is the OS you are licensed for, but no, a Dell recovery disk does not ask for a key.

I agree with Greg, call Dell and give them the service tag, and order a replacement disk for the OS you are legally licensed for. If on the very slim chance it did not come with Windows, you will know so you can buy a legal copy.

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If you enter the servcie tag from the BIOS at the Dell Warranty site there is a tab for original configuration. That will list the original OS version. You will need the service tag to get the recovery CD/DVD as well.

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Just a note for everyone saying to use a keyfinder, it doesn't always work. For big-box companies, like HP or Dell, they set up ONE computer with a special CD-key (called a Manufacturer key), which is pre-activated, and that key will NOT activate another copy of Windows, even on the same computer. The recovery CD will put that key back in, activated, but if you install Windows from a CD, even the same edition, that key won't work. That is why they have the OEM key on the sticker on the bottom. Unless he/she reinstalled Windows MANUALLY using the sticker, the key finder method won't work. Unfortunately, I run into this a lot at work, so I would have to agree with @Greg about ordering the recovery CDs as the quickest and easiest route

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I recently created an ISO for Windows 10 using the media creation tool and used it to install it on a laptop. After being unable to activate it at first, I eventually found that I using the product key to activate the OS after having done a clean install would not work so I had to reinstall Windows 7, activated it, and then the copy of Windows 10 would read as activated.
I created the ISO for Windows 10 on a separate computer, one that had a Dell OEM license of Windows 7 64 bit. The laptop has a non-OEM copy of Windows 7 64 bit and was not a Dell machine. My concern is that having this new copy of Windows 10 with the Dell product key (when I first booted up the new installation I was greeted with the Dell logo) may invalidate the original installation of Win7 running on my desktop or make me unable to use the same installation DVD i created on my desktop if I wanted to upgrade it to 10. Could this be a problem or should I not worry?