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Since my server is closing in 3 days, might as-well give my serial away and in general my copy of HL2RP. 'What do I get?:' The zip of HL2RP, Clockwork, and the serial key to input; thus making it an entirely legit copy. Dec 21, 2018  Copy the files to the correct location within the garrysmod folder and set your license key in the serial.cfg Sly, Dec 11, 2018 #2. Schema 'HL2RP' [1.061] by kurozael loaded! [CloudAuthX] Cannot load external code without authentication! Try deleting the file in the cwhl2rp gamemode folder and creating a serial.cfg.

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Hey guys, Ohmwrecker here, from the 'Ohm's Quick Reference Sheets' thread, Mechwarrior Online Youtube vids, etc. I wrote up a post over at an /r/games thread about the MWO Clans expansion which you'll find below, but figured I'd mirror it over here. For those of you that remember me, many of you showed me a ton of love and support, and I've always appreciated that. You guys were awesome, and truly do miss playing with you to this day.

Some of you may remember my 'Ohm's Quick Reference Sheets' thread on the forum, I used to release images, excel docs, and PDFs showing all of the weapon stats, chassis hardpoints, engine speed data, etc. This took a lot of time, but I really wanted to see a new MW game succeed, and had even chipped in $120 for the Legendary tier despite PR saying they could get me a freebie account bump. Beyond the sheets I had even started on gameplay and build videos, and was a somewhat frequent guest of NoGutsNoGalaxy's stream on the IGP page, but then one day disappeared from the community without a word..

I've never really discussed it much publicly, but I came to a point where I lost all respect for IGP (the publisher), which I feel is a far bigger player in the exploitation of users than PGI (the devs). One big influence on my decision to abandon MWO entirely was when an agent of the publisher literally tried to ruin my Youtube career with lies and deception after an executive of PGI tried to give me an exclusive. Not only was IGP not willing to try to correct the issue, but they went as far as to defend the person who went after me, essentially reinforcing this person's bullying which in a lot of ways still continues today.

Beyond that, things were getting kind of crazy with IGP's monetization strategy which was forced upon all games they publish. They tried the same shit with Sins of a Dark Age, and Mechwarrior Tactics. They also started pumping dollars into artificial coverage, essentially trying to buy opinions. There's a lot of it out there, sponsored gameplay and even events that were literally bought at some of the largest networks, and channels. Some of the sponsored coverage went up on channels that were normally trusted to provide honest criticism, but instead created content with conditions attached. That's what happens when you can no longer find content creators that genuinely want to cover your game simply because they love it.

Cw Hl2rp Serial Key Leak Forums Free


Seeing the new clans campaign is no surprise, IGP's greed is showing more now than ever. I've come to regret ever supporting them, even though I do genuinely believe that there are some good people at the dev studios, they're essentially screwed because of the publisher. I tried to get my $120 back actually, something they rejected. I definitely will not be throwing any more dollars towards IGP.

Overall this is a really shitty business model to support, remember that you guys can vote with your wallets here.

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I'm not sure many of us knew that we weren't just providing some Kickstarter style cash to get a game franchise we love going, but that we were actually serving as a proof of concept for the foundation of a pricing model that's extremely exploitative. IGP was not transparent about the currency model at all, or what to expect to pay for things. Ms office 2007 free download with serial key. Needless to say I was shocked when I started realizing that we were expected to pay $20+ for some mechs.

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Honestly the way I interpreted the founders packages that I chose to fork out $120 to is that I thought the pricing was so high strictly because it was meant to get the franchise funded and going, not set a norm for ridiculously priced mech models. I have a lot of regrets today, especially after seeing IGP's attempt to use the same pricing strategies for their other published games. Now we've got the clans promotion, which is simply just insane. Greed, greed everywhere.

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