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ALTER TABLE changes the definition of an existing table. There are several subforms:


This form adds a new column to the table using the same syntax as CREATE TABLE.


This form drops a column from a table. Indexes and table constraints involving the column will be automatically dropped as well. You will need to say CASCADE if anything outside the table depends on the column, for example, foreign key references or views.


This form changes the type of a column of a table. Indexes and simple table constraints involving the column will be automatically converted to use the new column type by reparsing the originally supplied expression. The optional USING clause specifies how to compute the new column value from the old; if omitted, the default conversion is the same as an assignment cast from old data type to new. A USING clause must be provided if there is no implicit or assignment cast from old to new type.


These forms set or remove the default value for a column. The default values only apply to subsequent INSERT commands; they do not cause rows already in the table to change. Defaults may also be created for views, in which case they are inserted into INSERT statements on the view before the view's ON INSERT rule is applied.


These forms change whether a column is marked to allow null values or to reject null values. You can only use SET NOT NULL when the column contains no null values.

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This form sets the per-column statistics-gathering target for subsequent ANALYZE operations. The target can be set in the range 0 to 1000; alternatively, set it to -1 to revert to using the system default statistics target (default_statistics_target). For more information on the use of statistics by the PostgreSQL query planner, refer to Section 13.2. Daemon tools pro advanced 6.0 + crack + serial key free download.


This form sets the storage mode for a column. This controls whether this column is held inline or in a supplementary table, and whether the data should be compressed or not. PLAIN must be used for fixed-length values such as integer and is inline, uncompressed. MAIN is for inline, compressible data. EXTERNAL is for external, uncompressed data, and EXTENDED is for external, compressed data. EXTENDED is the default for most data types that support non-PLAIN storage. Use of EXTERNAL will make substring operations on text and bytea columns faster, at the penalty of increased storage space. Note that SET STORAGE doesn't itself change anything in the table, it just sets the strategy to be pursued during future table updates. See Section 49.2 for more information.

ADD table_constraint

This form adds a new constraint to a table using the same syntax as CREATE TABLE.


This form drops constraints on a table. Currently, constraints on tables are not required to have unique names, so there may be more than one constraint matching the specified name. All matching constraints will be dropped.

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This form selects the default index for future CLUSTER operations. It does not actually re-cluster the table.


This form removes the most recently used CLUSTER index specification from the table. This affects future cluster operations that don't specify an index.


This form removes the oid system column from the table. This is exactly equivalent to DROP COLUMN oid RESTRICT, except that it will not complain if there is already no oid column.

Note that there is no variant of ALTER TABLE that allows OIDs to be restored to a table once they have been removed.


This form changes the owner of the table, index, sequence, or view to the specified user.


This form changes the table's tablespace to the specified tablespace and moves the data file(s) associated with the table to the new tablespace. Indexes on the table, if any, are not moved; but they can be moved separately with additional SET TABLESPACE commands. See also CREATE TABLESPACE.


The RENAME forms change the name of a table (or an index, sequence, or view) or the name of an individual column in a table. There is no effect on the stored data.

All the actions except RENAME can be combined into a list of multiple alterations to apply in parallel. For example, it is possible to add several columns and/or alter the type of several columns in a single command. This is particularly useful with large tables, since only one pass over the table need be made.

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You must own the table to use ALTER TABLE; except for ALTER TABLE OWNER, which may only be executed by a superuser.