Adobe Photoshop Cs5.5 Serial Key

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  2. Adobe Photoshop Cs5.5 Serial Keys

I want to move my Photoshop CS5 installation to a new computer.
Unfortunately, I lost the paper with the cd-key.

Is there a way to recover the serial from my local installation?


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6 Answers

If you logged in with your Adobe account when you first used the serial number, I believe it gets tied to your Adobe account and is retrievable through their website.

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Use a regedit reader specialized for license keys,for example :


Adobe Photoshop Cs5.5 Serial Key

LicenseCrawler (free, portable)



The Magical Jellybean Keyfinder (has free version)

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Go into system information under help in the photoshop application. A long list of things will come up stuff like your plug-ins ect.

Among that will be the serial number without the dashes - just put a dash every four numbers and that is your serial number that you used to install the program.


The serial number in system info may get you only 5 blocks of 4 digits where the complete serial number may be 6 blocks of 4 digits. Belarc Advisor gets the comlete 6 blocks.


A Mac option that worked for (my old but highly functional) Photoshop CS 5.1, just opened a terminal and ran Recover my files 6.1.2 key.

find /Library/Application Support/ -name 'regid*.swidtag' -exec cat {} ;

K. Kilian LindbergK. Kilian Lindberg

In any recent version of Adobe Photoshop:

Help >System Info..

Find the following strings there:

Adobe Photoshop Cs5.5 Serial Key

The last one is a serial number you find.


Adobe Photoshop Cs5.5 Serial Keys

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