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Understanding the Photoshop CS2 installation and removal process

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What's covered

This Video will explain how to Disable Registration screen in Adobe Photoshop CS2 startup. # This Video is only for Educational Purpose, where it is easy & useful for the people who don't know how. Windows 7 is not compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS2 I've been using Adobe Photoshop CS2 for a couple years now & I would use it on my old laptop running Windows XP. I recently purchased a new laptop (HP Pavilion dv6-1245x) running Windows Vista. Or serial number is missing or invalid. Adobe Photoshop CS2 9.0 1439 3007. Serialkey preview: 1045-1088-7902-1836-7488-4562 OR 1131-0201-5621-6381-7682-3918 OR 1045-1082-9459. Added: Downloaded: 13744 times Rating: 32% Submitted by: anonymous. Submit serial number.

Windows installation process

Windows removal process

Mac OS installation process

Mac OS removal process

This document explains each of the steps in the Adobe Photoshop CS installer to allow you to proceed through the installation more efficiently.

Windows installation process

1. Begin the installation and select installation language.

After you put the installation CD into the CD drive, the first window that requires you to respond is the Select the Language window. In this window, choose the language the installer will use. The default language selection is U.S. English. Either click OK to accept U.S. English, or choose another language and click OK.

2. Read and accept the Software License Agreement.

Next, read, and accept or decline the Software License Agreement. If you click Decline, the installation stops. If you click Accept, the Autoplay window displays the main installation menu.

3. View the Autoplay window and Install Photoshop CS2.

The next window you see is the Autoplay window. Autoplay is the easiest way to install Photoshop CS. Although you can turn off Autoplay by deselecting the Always Show Autoplay option at the bottom of this window, it's best to keep this option checked. If you want to cancel the installation, click on the Quit button on the bottom right of the window.

You can also install Adobe Reader from the Autoplay window, or view a variety of movies and tutorials about new features and advanced techniques in Photoshop.

To install Photoshop CS2, click Install Photoshop CS2.

Several small installer windows will display before the Adobe Photoshop CS2 Setup window displays; Photoshop uses InstallShield to perform the installation. When the InstallShield Wizard window displays, click Next to begin installation.

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Select the language to use to display the Adobe Software License Agreement, and click Next. The License Agreement displays again. Read the License Agreement. If you click Decline, the installation stops. If you agree with the License Agreement, click Accept and the installation continues.

4. Enter customer information and software serial number.

In the Customer Information screen, fill in your name and organization. The organization is optional.

Your serial number is on the back of the disc case.Select I have a serial number, install full version and type in your serial number in the serial number field. You can type your serial number in with or without the dashes. If you get an invalid serial number message, you may have mistyped a number. Click OK to go back, and type the serial number again.

5. Choose the destination for the software installation.

The Choose Destination Location window allows you to change the location where Photoshop CS2 will be installed. You should select the default location. If you need to install the software on a different hard disk, you should try to keep the same path name as the default, and only change the drive letter designation. (For example, the default drive is the C: drive. If you need to install on the E: drive, click Browse, and in the Current Folder field at the bottom of the Select Destination Directory window, highlight only the C and type E to replace the C with E. Click Select, and Next.)

6. Identify file formats to associate with Photoshop or ImageReady.

The File Association window allows you to associate specific image file formats (types) with each application. When a file format is associated with an application and you double-click on any file of that type or format, the file opens in the application associated with it. For example, if you want Photoshop to open up every time you double-click a JPEG image from Windows Explorer or your Desktop, you could manually associate the JPEG file type to Photoshop. The File Association window allows you to set file associations automatically at the time of software installation, instead of manually at a later time.

Choose to set each file format listed to either Photoshop (PS), ImageReady (IR), or to not change the current application associated with these file formats. Many of the formats are set to Windows applications by default, but these are not listed in the Photoshop installer. The All To PS button allows you to set all of the listed formats to Photoshop, the All To IR allows all the formats to be associated to ImageReady. To restore the association to the default application choose Default.

Click Install in the Read To Install The Program window or click Back to change any your selections in any of the previous windows.

7. Validate setup information and complete the software installation.

You have an opportunity in the next Setup window to go back to change any of your choices if you wish. Click Install to install the software.

Windows removal process

Insert the Adobe Photoshop CS2 CD into the CD drive of your computer.

Adobe Photoshop Cs2 Serial Key

1. Begin the removal process.

As with installing, the first window that displays requires you to choose a language for installer. After you select a language and click OK, the Software License Agreement appears. Read the Software License Agreement. If you accept, click Accept. If you click Decline, the installer stops.

Adobe Photoshop Cs2 9.0 Serial Key

Click Install Photoshop CS2 in the main installation screen, and click Next to the Welcome screen.

2. Removing and repairing.

When Photoshop CS2 is already installed, you have the option to repair the current installed version, which fixes any problems that the installed version might have, or you can remove the currently installed version. Click Remove and click Next.

3. Preferences and Activation options.

In the Uninstall Preferences screen, you can keep all your preferences files that you've been using, or you can remove them. If you choose to keep your preferences, then Photoshop will look the way you've customized it when you open Photoshop after you reinstall it. If you remove your preferences, all Photoshop preferences will be set to the default settings. The advantage of removing your preferences is that sometimes these files can become damaged, causing problem in Photoshop. A common troubleshooting technique is to delete the preference files. Click the appropriate button, and click Next.

In the Product Activation Transfer window, you are allowed to transfer the activation data you used for the currently installed version to another computer. Click Transfer to do so. If you click Skip Transfer, then you will have to activate Photoshop again, if you are moving Photoshop to another computer.

The Uninstall Without Activation Transfer window allows you to remove and reinstall Photoshop on this computer, and keep the activation data untouched. To do so, choose the Keep The Activation Data On This Computer option. If you select Advanced - Discard The Activation Data On This Computer option, you will need to reactivate Photoshop CS2.

Click Remove to remove Photoshop CS2.

Mac OS installation process

1. Begin the installation.

Insert the Adobe Photoshop CS2 CD into your CD tray and double-click the Adobe Photoshop CS2 icon on your desktop.

Note: There are several Read Me files in this folder, that might assist you at various times. Also note the Goodies folder, which contains additional plug-ins, presets, textures, templates, and stock photos.

To install Photoshop, double-click the Install Adobe Photoshop CS2 shortcut icon. Click Continue to the screen that reads: This Installer package needs to run a program to determine if it can be installed. Do you want to continue? Click Continue.

When you see the warning to close Adobe applications, close any open Adobe applications. Adobe applications share some files, and the installation works best if no applications are using these files during installation. If you see icons in the dock for any Adobe applications other than the Adobe Photoshop CS installation in the dock, hold Control and click each one, and choose Quit from the pop-up menu. After you have closed all other Adobe applications, click Continue to the warning.

Click Continue to the Welcome screen

On the Software License Agreement window, read the License Agreement and click Continue. You can print or save the License Agreement from this window. After you click Continue, you are asked to Agree or Disagree with the software license agreement. If you click Disagree, the installation stops. If you agree with the license agreement, click Agree.

2. Choose the destination for the software installation.

The Install Select a Destination window allows you to change the location where Photoshop will be installed. Note the amount of free disk space noted for each volume, and the amount of space needed to install Photoshop CS2. Click a volume to install onto; you can choose the default location (usually the best option), or a different folder (click Choose). After you select a volume and a location for the installation, click Continue. Click Install at the Easy Install window.

3. Enter user information and software serial number.

You need to type your name and Mac OS password in the Authenticate window; this step is required by Mac OS to install all applications. After your password is authenticated, the installer begins. In the Personalize Your Software window, type in the appropriate information. The fields noted with asterisks are required (the Name field and the Serial Number field). Your serial number is on the back of the application disc case. Each of the four number segments goes into a field; do not include the hyphens when you type the serial number. If you see an invalid serial number message, you may have mistyped a number. Click OK to go back, and type the number again to start the installation.

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Mac OS removal process

The removal process for Mac OS is not automatic as it is with Windows. You can remove Photoshop CS2 by dragging the following folders to the trash; however, Photoshop CS2 installs other components, such as its Help system, Adobe Bridge, and some common files.

Delete the following Photoshop application folders and their contents:

-- Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS2

-- Users/ [user name] /Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings

-- Users/ [user name] /Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS2 Paths

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  2. Now while installation you need to enter below serial as your license key.

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