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I need a serial number for Adobe Photoshop CS6? It has been installed on my computer, but I lost its product key. So how can I now get a serial number for Photoshop CS6?

To uninstall on Mac OS, navigate to an application folder (e.g., /Application/Adobe Photoshop CS4) and double-click the Uninstall shortcut (e.g., Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS4) shortcut. I want to move my Photoshop CS5 installation to a new computer. Unfortunately, I lost the paper with the cd-key. Is there a way to recover the serial from my local installation? We show you how to change the serial or the product key graphically or by commands in Windows 10. On certain occasions, it may be necessary to change the product key either by some reinstallation of the system or associated issues.

  • See our List of Free Key Finder Programs for a number of completely free tools that will do all the hard work for you, surfacing the Adobe CS serial number you need so you can reinstall your copy of Adobe CS6 Master Collection, or Adobe Photoshop CS5, etc.
  • Jan 01, 2016  How to Change Product Key in Windows 10 Published by Shawn Brink Category: Installation & Upgrade. How to Change Product Key in Windows 10. Sometimes you may need to change the product key in Windows 10 if you used a generic key or skipped entering a product key during Windows Setup.

According to the experience, installed software product keys are saved in registry file in Windows system. Then whether we can get Photoshop serial number from registry file?

The answer is sure undoutedly. And iSunshare Product Key Finder could easily help to find Photoshop CS5/CS6 product key in registry file, just with one click.

1. Install and run iSunshare Product Key Finder full version on computer.

iSunshare Product Key Finder full version could find complete product key for Photoshop CS, while free trial version only shows part of Photoshop CS6 serial number. And please remember to install it on computer where Photoshop has been installed, otherwise PS serial number would not be found.

2. Click 'Start Recovery' button to get Photoshop CS6 serial number.

After Product Key Finder runs, we just need to click Start Recovery button on software screen. And then product keys of Photoshop, Windows, Office and other installed software would be found and listed on Product Key Finder.

It means that Photoshop CS6 serial number has been gotten from computer registry file. Click Save button or Save to File button to store product keys on computer.

This is an effective way to find Photoshop product key with a tool. When you couldn't find other ways to get Photoshop or other software serial number, it would be your best choice.


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I want to move my Photoshop CS5 installation to a new computer.
Unfortunately, I lost the paper with the cd-key.

Is there a way to recover the serial from my local installation?

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6 Answers

If you logged in with your Adobe account when you first used the serial number, I believe it gets tied to your Adobe account and is retrievable through their website.

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Use a regedit reader specialized for license keys,for example :

LicenseCrawler (free, portable)


Kaspersky PURE to go beyond the protection of common computer normally. The program is designed for comprehensive protection computer in your home network. Kaspersky pure 2.0 serial key.

The Magical Jellybean Keyfinder (has free version)

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Go into system information under help in the photoshop application. A long list of things will come up stuff like your plug-ins ect.

Among that will be the serial number without the dashes - just put a dash every four numbers and that is your serial number that you used to install the program.

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The serial number in system info may get you only 5 blocks of 4 digits where the complete serial number may be 6 blocks of 4 digits. Belarc Advisor gets the comlete 6 blocks.


A Mac option that worked for (my old but highly functional) Photoshop CS 5.1, just opened a terminal and ran

find /Library/Application Support/ -name 'regid*.swidtag' -exec cat {} ;

K. Kilian LindbergK. Kilian Lindberg

In any recent version of Adobe Photoshop:

Help >System Info..

Find the following strings there:

The last one is a serial number you find.


Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Serial Key

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